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The serial cables are for the dual-serial port WAN interface cards. Serial connector is EIA/TIA 232 DB25 Male for DTE device. Smart serial connector is a compact high density 26 male. Cables are molded double shielded, 28AWG, twisted pair. PVC molded.

Smart Serial 26 pin
LFH-SS-232MT-10 LFH 26pin–DB25M, 10’ Blue
LFH-SS-232FC-10 LFH 26pin–DB25F, 10’ Blue
LFH-SS-V.35MT-10 LFH 26pin-V.35M, 10’ Blue
LFH-SS-V.35FC-10 LFH 26pin-V.35F, 10’ Blue

Router 60 pin
LFH-232MT-10 LFH 60pin-DB25M, 10’ Dark Blue
LFH-232FC-10 LFH 60pin-DB25F, 10’ Dark Blue
LFH-V.35MT-10 LFH 60pin-V.35M, 10’ Dark Blue
LFH-V.35FC-10 LFH 60pin-V.35F, 10’ Dark Blue

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